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In this month's Paramedic Chief eNews, Mike Taigman discusses how one agency reduced response time penalty fines from over $109,000 per month to $12,000 per month, while Fitch & Associates share five strategies for avoiding costly turnover at your agency.

In addition, Al Lulla for NAEMSP writes about how the proliferation of naloxone administration by other first responder organizations provides relief for over-stressed EMS agencies.

The EMS1 Team
Response time performance improvement through system re-design
By Mike Taigman and David Murphy
Policies, training and practice changes resulted in faster response times, penalty savings and improved morale across EMTs, paramedics and EMS leadership
How to avoid costly turnover in your EMS service
By Fitch & Associates
From engaging staff in strategic planning, and collaboration in organization goals, here are five strategies to EMS staff retention
Article Bites: How often do they get more than one? Naloxone redosing in the age of the opioid epidemic
BLS and law enforcement naloxone administration improves already stretched EMS systems management of increased opioid overdoses
Credential Management Made Simple
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Fraud in the field: Signature compliance
By Page, Wolfberg & Wirth
EMS providers should be on high alert for fraud and forgery in the patient care report
How to standardize mass casualty triage systems
By Greg Friese, Editor-in-Chief
SALT Triage System is the foundation of the new MUCC Instructional Guidelines for training paramedics and EMTs in mass casualty triage
In praise of the checklist for error prevention
By John Becknell
Complex and life-dependent systems often fail in their reliance on experience and professionalism alone
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