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In this month's Paramedic Chief eNews, Fitch & Associates break down how ambulance membership programs help patients defray ambulance costs, as well as six competencies of highly effective EMS leaders.

And, Mike Taigman reiterates the importance of mentoring in EMS for collaborations in quality improvement.

The EMS1 Team
How ambulance membership programs help patients defray ambulance cost
By Roxanne Shanks, Fitch & Associates
Exploring the legal, marketing and administrative considerations for EMS agencies considering an ambulance membership program to streamline billing
Guiding choices and opening doors: Mentoring revisited
By Mike Taigman
Mentorship comes full circle for EMS leader Mike Taigman, in collaborations in quality improvement and advancing EMS
6 common competencies of highly effective EMS leaders
By Jay Fitch, Fitch & Associates
From technical and decision-making proficiency to humility and ambition, these characteristics help leaders propel EMS agencies to a future of success
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Why the best EMS leaders are actually teams
By John Becknell
When taking a closer look at big accomplishments, we don’t find lone leaders — we find great groups and teams
Enough is enough: 5 ways to end bullying in fire and EMS
By Page, Wolfberg & Wirth
We need to do more to improve the care and compassion we show to our fire and EMS brethren
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