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Dear Paramedic Chief Reader,
In this month's Paramedic Chief, we bring you exclusives from the front lines of two of the nation's most significant public safety events. In a video exclusive, EMS Chief Chris Cebollero discusses what responders encountered on the scene of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo., while Nathan Stanaway examines how Grady EMS prepared for 12 years to be ready to transport two Ebola patients from a landing pad to a nearby hospital.

Also, John Becknell examines just what leadership means these days in the EMS industry, Skip Kirkwood offers four ways to train your EMS staff like a tier-one, elite force, and Michael Gerber examines how the EMS industry must adapt to new developments like community paramedicine.
The EMS1 Team
Featured Article
How Grady EMS managed 2 Ebola patient transports
By Nathan Stanaway
Grady EMS's special operations team had been ready for this type of transport for years; here's how it all came together.
Ebola: What does EMS need to know?
Here's how to identify symptoms and treat Ebola patients
FDA authorizes Ebola test; vaccine in 2015?
These are not the same experimental drugs given to a pair of Americans infected in Liberia
More EMS1 columns
Is Your Agency Prepared for the Aftermath of an EMP or 'Grid Collapse'?
How will your agency provide emergency services when there is no electricity, vehicles will not run, and the telephone system is completely down?
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Exclusive Articles
4 ways to train your EMS staff like a tier-one, elite force
By Skip Kirkwood
With a little effort, high-level training often associated with special forces can be in reach for EMS agencies. Learn from the best
Pinnacle: 6 critical EMS future improvements
By Michael Gerber
From measuring industry progress, to community paramedicine and the decline of ALS, EMS leaders highlight how the industry must adapt.
Leadership Clips
Exclusive: What EMS crews experienced on Ferguson Day 1
EMS Chief Chris Cebollero talks about what his crews encountered in the first minutes of the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo. Watch the video
From the BP Vault
How to define leadership in EMS
By John Becknell
The term leadership gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean in the EMS industry? 8 questions
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The Leadership Edge
FirstWatch founder honored for leadership mantra
By Jay Fitch
Todd Stout was surprised with the Pinnacle Leadership Award after his father accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award. 'What is the right thing to do'
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S.C. EMS reviews success of nurse call center to weed out non-emergencies
How does your agency mitigate 'frequent flyers?'
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