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Dear Paramedic Chief Reader,
In this month's Paramedic Chief eNews, we talk about three ways chiefs and paramedics can mitigate violence to shift the survival odds in their favor.

Jay Fitch and Page, Wolfberg and Worth explain why ambulance contracts need to begin to measure what matters and what chiefs need to know about securing ePCR devices.

Also, EMS1 Associate Editor Sarah Calams discusses how to build a fire-based community health care program and what fire and EMS readiness is and why it matters.
The EMS1 Team
Featured Article
3 ways chiefs and medics can mitigate violence
By Rob Wylie, EMS1 Contributor
EMS personnel and firefighters are attacked with increasing frequency, follow these steps to shift the survival odds in your favor. Have a plan
NEMSMA releases 'Mental Health and Stress in EMS' report
The paper focuses its attention of the critical issues of stress, mental health and suicide in EMS
How to speak up if you’re worried about a co-worker's mental health
When a colleague is in distress and suffering from mental illness, you have options to help them
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Exclusive Articles
Ambulance contracts begin to measure what matters
By Jay Fitch, EMS1 Columnist
RFPs and contracts for local ambulance services will require organizations to measure and report more than simply response time. Effective processes
5 questions you should ask about your mobile devices
By Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, EMS1 Columnists
Securing data is critical to avoiding breaches of patient information and triggering mandatory reporting. Authentication methods
Leadership Tips
How to build fire-based community health care programs
By Sarah Calams, EMS1 Associate Editor
The survival of fire-based EMS may rest upon delivering services before 911 is called; it's a tough proposition, but a doable one. How it works
The Leadership Edge
Fire and EMS readiness: What it means and why it matters
By Sarah Calams, EMS1 Associate Editor
Fire Chief Gary Ludwig will discuss the critical role fire departments play in the fast-changing health care system at Fire-Rescue Med conference in May. Performance measures matter
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Resiliency: When it's go time, digital can mean you're ready
By Andrea Fox, EMS1 Contributor
From eclipsing natural disasters to devastating economic downturns, how will you get back up and running quickly? Greater efficiency
Now on
Firefighters and cigarettes: What the numbers say
What is rate of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco use in EMS only departments?
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