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Ambulances held hostage
By Page, Wolfberg & Wirth 
Leveling the playing field on hospital bed delays
A tale of two trends
By Lyn Berghuis, Robert Farrell 
Parallel findings in EMS survey data elevate leadership and career advancement as essential to employee engagement
Telehealth funding to increase access to real-time care
By Michelle Leight 
Grant programs and relief funding to support telemedicine initiatives, technology and training offer continued financial assistance to eligible agencies
5 steps to address physical and cognitive issues in an aging EMS workforce
By Jay Fitch, PhD; Fitch & Associates 
If an EMS provider’s diminished capacity prevents them from performing the job’s essential functions or puts anyone’s safety at risk, consider reasonable accommodations
Leadership’s role in inspiring excellence
By Sam DiGiovanna  
5 ways to motivate the unmotivated, and to help those floundering to flourish
Safe Dispatch is Priority Dispatch.
Scene safety starts at dispatch. See how Priority Dispatch gives you the safest dispatch possible.
Learn more
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