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Dear EMS1 Member,

The French playwright, Molierem, wrote, “It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.” Sometimes, success is influenced not only by the actions we take, but also by those we chose not to. In this EMS1 Daily eNewsletter, find 6 ways to improve patient assessment, care and safety by not doing the following.  

What other EMS don’ts come to mind? Share your do nots with us at editor@ems1.com.  

Stay safe, 

— Kerri Hatt
Editor-in-Chief, EMS1


Do not let anchor information cloud patient assessment
By Michael Gerber 
Recognize that cognitive biases exist and that you’re capable of making a mistake
Do not run
By Steve Whitehead 
Never move faster than your ability to make good decisions
Do not let crew dynamics disrupt patient care
By Tammie Bullard 
5 insidious partner issues to avoid so that patients feel safe in our care
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Do not take unnecessary risks
By Greg Friese, MS, NRP 
When facing an ethical dilemma, act in the best interests of the patient
Do not transport every patient
By Page, Wolfberg & Wirth 
The diversified EMS delivery models sometimes result not in a refusal of services, but in what should be a collaborative, informed decision by the patient and care team
Do not take humor too far
By Tammie Bullard 
Laughter may be the best medicine, but only if we titrate it to effect
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