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September 17, 2009
Editor's Note
Whether responding to an emergency or operating on the side of a roadway at the scene of crash, vehicle-related incidents are one of the leading causes of LODDs and injuries in EMS.

But new technology and greater awareness can reduce some of the risks. In today's eNews, we bring details of a comprehensive study that highlights best practices for emergency vehicle visibility and conspicuity, while EMS1 contributor Jim Love outlines some of the options available for in-vehicle monitoring.

— Kris Kaull, Paramedic
   Online Director, EMS Division
Ambulance Visibility – What You Should Know
By Jamie Thompson, EMS1 Senior Editor
A new study has highlighted best practices for emergency vehicle visibility and conspicuity but warned further research is "critically needed." The report by the United States Fire Administration, in partnership with the International Fire Service Training Association, covers retroreflective striping and chevrons, high-visibility paint, built-in passive light, and other reflectors for EMS vehicles, fire apparatus, and law enforcement patrol vehicles. Full Story
Heart attack detector
Two heart attack survivors in California were successfully implanted with a cutting-edge detection device Tuesday as part of a pilot study. Angel Medical Systems says it hopes the devices will help EMTs be better prepared to treat a patient. (Image Long Beach Memorial)
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Top Stories

Concerned About Ambulance Safety? Find out more!

A major new article on ambulance safety has been published in Prehospital Emergency Care: “The Hazards of Providing Care in Emergency Vehicles: An Opportunity for Reform,” authored by David E Slattery, M.D., Medical Director of the City of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

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EMS1 Exclusive
Everyday EMS Tips
Options for In-Vehicle Monitoring
By Jim Love, EMS1 Contributor
In-vehicle monitoring can play a major role in improving the safety of EMS responses to emergencies — just take a look at the continuing and growing number of preventable collisions involving ambulances. Full Story
More Books to Achieve the Paramedic Dream
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Columnist
Have you already gone through the first round of recommended reading? Want to stand out and really separate yourself from the other job candidates? Read on for the second tip in a two-part series on books for achieving your paramedic goals. Full Tip

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News and Announcements
Fla. responders use new technique for cardiac patients

Pa. ambulance collides with van en route to call

UK medics with swine flu could face disciplinary action

Press Release:
EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. Receives $8.6 Million Contract from DoD
[EF Johnson Technologies, Inc.]

Member Comment of the Week
"The problem does not lessen if EMS or fire departments are in more rural areas; actually, it may be worsened by geography. Frequent flyers are a hindrance to attempts to provide quick response to emergencies, as well as being hard on finances, especially in smaller agencies."

Put Your Patients at Ease with the FastSet-3 Splint

The FastSet-3 is an easily moldable fiberglass splint that can be activated with water and sets in three minutes. The FS-3 provides its patient with the ideal splint, combining the ease of application of utility splints with the advantages of a fiberglass cast. A patient's limb can be immobilized moments after the first responder arrives.

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Is summer over?
Posted by Bryan Fass
Responders, now that Labor Day is officially behind us and summer is winding down it has become that time, once again, to focus on the colder months of the year ... More

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Skid Marks!!! Paramedic & EMT
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