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EMS1 April 1 Newsletter
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Welcome to The Star of Strife, a new newsletter dedicated to hard-hitting investigative journalism, uncovering the hidden stories shaping EMS. In this edition, read about a Vegas ambulance service expanding into the pizza delivery game, decide if 'Livin' the Dream' is the best EMS smartphone app in history, and find out why a new ambulance design sparked a riot at a trade show.

Groundbreaking research has found that EMS has no beneficial effect on the general health of the U.S. population, so now's a good time to start packing your things and finding a new job. And lastly, make sure to have this patient refusal form handy on accident scenes for when patients dramatize their injuries to the point of absurdity.

The EMS1 Team
Shocking News
Vegas EMS ambulance company unveils pizza delivery service
One Nev. man is determined to not let those flashing lights and wailing sirens go to waste. Now the emergency service is delivering pizza to hungry tourists on the strip. Racing to your door
Best EMS smartphone app in history?
With activities like keeping track of the size and type of beverage on board their ambulance, 'Livin' the Dream' allows medics to score themselves and compete with others. On The Road Again
New ambulance design sparks riot at EMS trade show
Despite the implementation of radical cutting edge technology and a high commitment to safety, the vehicle was judged the worst product of Hoopla 2013. Cup holder not up to standards
New research: Experts conclude 'EMS is unnecessary'
A 10-year, exhaustive study has concluded that emergency medical services across the U.S. has little or no value to the general health of the public. No meaningful benefit
Radical new refusal forms to aid medics
Offering new tool to be implemented at all accident sites, the patient refusal form releases medics from litigation and disciplinary action. Patient is obviously full of s#%$
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