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Prop A would ‘cannibalize’ EMS, Texas city EMS union says
The Austin-Travis County EMS Association released a statement in opposition of a November ballot measure that would increase police funding and staffing
Current system is 'broken at times': Calif. city seeks new 911 dispatch options
Ala. city gets second ambulance service, but dispatch plan sparks conflict
New Orleans ambulances to carry blood for pre-hospital transfusions
Retired medic reflects on 30th anniversary of Texas Luby’s mass shooting
Simplify patient care reporting and optimize accounts receivable with integrated ePCR and billing solutions
Find out how the one-two punch of integrated charting and billing software can help your EMS agency improve documentation and reimbursement rates.
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Hearing is believing when it comes to training
Consider incorporating these 3 ways to use a digital stethoscope in your EMS training exercises and testing.
Learn how
Sexual misconduct in EMS
By Donald Deardorff, Xavier De La Rosa, Aaron Hernandez, Josh Single, Blake Taylor; Fitch & Associates 
Have we fallen victim to a blind eye?
Navigating disability: Host Kelly Grayson details upcoming surgery and how he's preparing
By Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson; Inside EMS 
In this emotional episode of the Inside EMS podcast, cohost Kelly Grayson talks through his emotions as he prepares for surgery and what navigating the disability process has been like
The consequences of lost passion for the job
By Anthony Minge, EdD 
Improve compensation, career path and safety to recruit the next generation, and retain the current EMS workforce
How to avoid costly turnover in your EMS service
By Thomas Moore 
From engaging staff in strategic planning, and collaboration in organization goals, 5 strategies to EMS staff retention
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The Ready Responder [On-Demand Webinar]
"One of the best mental health trainings I have attended to date.” View this webinar to learn how public safety personnel can enjoy long, productive careers.
Webinar: Securing grant funding in EMS
Make sure your agency maximizes their opportunity to obtain grant funding from the ARP in this October 19 webinar. Register today.
How to buy body-worn cameras (eBook)
Download this EMS1 body-worn cameras buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
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