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June 19, 2020 | View as webpage
Dear EMS1 Member,

Connection – both within the agency and with patients served – is essential to the chain of survival, and to provider and patient wellness.

In this COVID-19 Briefing, learn: Also: Eagle County, Colorado, has kept COVID-19 infection and death rates low while avoiding many of the issues plaguing other parts of the county

Stay safe,

Kerri Hatt
Editor-in-Chief, EMS1

Rethink programming for first responder psychological wellbeing
By John Becknell, PhD 
Connection, space and opportunity to express emotions and reality-based messaging are what first responders really need
‘Please, may I see your face?’: Connecting with patients during COVID-19
By Robert Rielage 
The pandemic has quite literally masked the social cues that are essential to patients feeling safe and reassured
EMS chaplain support during the pandemic
By Mike Taigman 
In an especially stressful time, EMS chaplains are finding creative ways to offer emotional, psychological and spiritual support
Rocky Mountain Pandemic: How Eagle County, Colorado, has managed the COVID-19 pandemic
By Laura Neitzel 
As the State of Colorado eases measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we take a look at how one community with an early outbreak took aggressive measures to contain the spread of the virus
Free COVID-19 Policies, Courses and Training Tools for Individuals and Agencies.
Pandemic Planning – Elements of the Plan
In this course, you will learn how the five components of the overall pandemic plan fit together to form a cohesive unit and some of the key contingencies that will need to be addressed in each of these areas
Illness and Injury Prevention
Downloadable PDF: The purpose of this policy is to establish an ongoing and effective plan to reduce the incidence of illness and injury for employees
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