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Pittsburgh EMS swears in first woman, minority as deputy chief
“Today a glass ceiling has been broken,” Amera Gilchrist said after she was sworn in as deputy chief by Mayor Bill Peduto
FF-medic awarded $3.8M for lack of private breast pumping room
According to her attorney not all stations complied with federal law regarding pumping rooms
What are you bringing home with you?
Understand how the experiences you have as an EMS provider can shape your relationships with your family
EMS1 Poll: Assessing danger
What's the biggest obstacle you face as a provider? Click through to take our poll and see how others are responding.
Budget for Md. county EMS continues to skyrocket
"To put it in perspective (the EMS budget) is more than we spend on the state attorney's office, the airport and election office and tax office combined"
Study: Hands-Only CPR encourages bystander assistance
A new study published by the American Heart Association shows that hands-only CPR encourages cardiac arrest help
The ESO EMS Index: In 2019, data and metrics matter more than ever
In its second year, the benchmark report based on EMS national data digs deeper into five key metrics and adds two additional measures
What Unseen Threats Are You Bringing Home to Your Family?
After responding to a scene, you will most likely take something unseen with you. If you are not decontaminating yourself, your gear and the ambulance, then you are also exposing your family to these threats.
Protect yourself & family
10 Things You Need to Know About Patient Handovers
Patient handoffs are critical points in the continuity of care. Here are 10 things EMS providers need to know and do to avoid serious breakdowns.
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