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Welcome to the first EMS Safety newsletter, where we’ll tackle the hazards EMS providers face and how to prevent injuries on the job. EMS providers are a target for violence, not just from an active assailant, but also from family members and bystanders on scene, as well as agitated, altered or under-the-influence patients.

When EMS providers voice their concerns about workplace safety issues and their agencies respond, it fosters engagement and commitment, while decreasing the frequency and severity of workplace injuries.

In this newsletter, sponsored by Stryker, learn how EMS providers and leadership can collaborate to identify and mitigate the risks of abuse and assault during an emergency response.

As this is a new format for us, your feedback is important. Please share this newsletter and email your suggestions for articles, tips and resources to editor@ems1.com.

Stay safe,
EMS1 Team

Preventing violence against EMS personnel
Violence prevention training and situational awareness can help keep EMS providers safe on scene
Sexual assault against fire/EMS providers: Talk about it
Define what behaviors are off limits and what to do if an assault against emergency responders does occur
4 ways to prepare EMTs for violent patients
If you’re attacked on the job, be mentally prepared, physically ready, press savvy, and able to justify your actions in court
Tips for EMS handling of behavioral emergencies
Prepare now by understanding pathophysiology, personal protection, patient handling and restraint techniques, and the importance of documentation
5 ways to empower your EMS employees
Create a culture of recognition and invest in the proper equipment to support your EMS personnel
How to ask for police response to unsafe scenes
A short survey of EMS leaders reveals if code words or plain language are used to request police to an unsafe EMS incident
A Legacy of Trusted Performance
The industry’s first and only powered cot fastening system, Power-LOAD® is a safe, durable and easy to use solution that helps reduce the risk of debilitating back injuries for EMS caregivers.
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