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Dear EMS1 Member,
Each year, during the second week of April, telecommunications personnel are honored for their dedication to serving the public. National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week is a time to celebrate and honor your co-workers, bosses and employees.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment.

EMS1 Team
Everything You Need: From Gloves to Defibrillators
With more than 70 years of "Serving the People Who Serve the People," V.E. Ralph Emergency Medical Products makes it our mission to provide you with the tools you need.
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How to manage coming home after an EMS shift
By Tim Nowak, EMS1 Columnist
Understand how the experiences you have as an EMS provider can shape your relationships with your family.
Focusing on connections in community paramedicine
By Ben Thompson, EMS1 Columnist
Data analysis is important to evaluating MIH programs, but it will never show the whole picture of community paramedicine success.
Trauma takes its toll on EMS providers, 911 telecommunicators
By Jay Fitch & Jim Marshall, EMS1 Contributors
On-the-job stress among emergency responders can also trigger the release of cortisol and other stress hormones.
Celebrate the importance of 911 dispatchers in the chain of survival
By By Samantha Hilker, EMS1 Contributor
A 911 center displays a lifesaver ring as a visual reminder of the purposeful work dispatchers do for their communities.
404 Congresswoman takes up fight to classify 911 operators as first responders
304 Man guilty of attacking paramedic gets 14 days in jail
295 911 operators: We are first responders
127 Teen performs CPR on father in cardiac arrest
91 Dallas man accused of impersonating EMT student
10 things you need to know about patient handovers
Here's what EMS providers need to know in order to avoid serious breakdowns in the continuity of care.
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