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October 21, 2020 | View as webpage

We’re happy to announce the launch of “Reimagining Resuscitation: Behind the Scenes of Rialto’s Breakthrough,” a special video/podcast series from EMS1 and ZOLL. This five-part series will explore how the Rialto Fire Department and Lawrence-Douglas County Fire and Medical dramatically improved their ROSC rates by implementing a coordinated set of advanced cardiac resuscitation techniques. Hear firsthand how it was done, and learn more about the science behind ROSC as well as how you can implement this reproducible toolkit of practices, protocols, products and mindset to preserve quality of life.

Watch episode 1 now, and you'll get notifications about new episodes when they are released every two weeks. If you want to listen to an audio version instead, head over to the Inside EMS podcast page to access episodes there.
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