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Street Survival for EMS
This special coverage brought to you by American Military University
Approaching The Scene
What scene coordinators see to keep responders safe
With an overview of the scene, they’re in a position to identify threats before they become obvious to others involved.
The big picture
Keeping a Clear Head
How EMTs can control violent situations
Awareness of your own physical abilities and emotional reactions can stop tense situations from spiraling out of control.
Prepared, not paranoid
Anticipating Violence
Dealing with excited delirium
How to approach people with excited delirium, and recognize behaviors that indicate upcoming violence.
Stay composed
Searching For Weapons
What to look for during a weapon search
How to position your hands during a search, maintain a verbal clinical assessment, and keep your cool if you do find a weapon.
Practice your poker face
Color Coding Your Alertness
How to track your awareness level
Awareness makes up 90 percent of your ability to defend yourself, and this system helps EMS providers color code their alertness.
Condition Red

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