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A Closer Look: The REEL Splint
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Finding a new angle: the benefits of the right splint
The REEL Splint's versatility can be the remedy to the common problem of a patient's position of comfort and function not aligning with current splinting equipment. How does it work?

Tech behind the gear:
REEL Splint

With multiple articulable joints and positive-lock adjustments, the Reel Splint’s shape can be changed to align with the patient’s injury and their anatomy.
The bottom line
How REEL Splint improved patient outcomes for Texas agency
Read how REEL helped Fort Worth’s MedStar Mobile Healthcare improve training, performance and patient results. The challenge

The REEL Splint
Used by the military and now available for the civilian EMS market, the REEL splint is several splints in one. See it in action

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