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How EMS Providers Can Manage Chronic Stress
High levels of stress are an inherent part of the job for EMS providers, so they must know how to manage it. Find out more about the different ways stress can impact an EMS provider and how to access help when it’s needed.
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What is Vicarious Trauma and How to Prevent It
You don’t have to directly experience trauma to be affected by it. Due to the nature of the job, EMS providers are at high-risk of suffering from secondary trauma. Learn what secondary trauma is, how to recognize symptoms, and how to protect yourself and others.
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Treating Invisible Wounds: Helping One Another with Unmanaged Stress
EMS providers are entrusted to make life or death decisions. When it comes to dealing with the dangers of stress, they should afford it the same attention. Learn why it's important for everyone in EMS, especially supervisors, to recognize signs of unmanaged stress and take action to provide help.
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