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With an average of 1,500 ambulance crashes per year resulting in injury, safety on the road should be a top priority for all providers.

By understanding the common causes of ambulance crashes and implementing new policies and guidelines for securing both patients and emergency personnel, EMS organizations can reduce the potential consequences from collisions.

In this newsletter, learn how to improve ambulance safety through seat belt use; find out how MedStar reduced ambulance collisions through training, technology and culture change; and how to help patients and providers survive an ambulance crash.

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4 quick ways to improve ambulance safety
Incorporating ambulance safety measures into cultural practice can keep patients and providers safe in the event of a collision.
How to avoid, survive an ambulance collision
Ambulance collisions, which happen with frightening regularity, often result in injury and are occasionally fatal, especially for private vehicle drivers.
How MedStar reduced ambulance collisions
MedStar Mobile Health Care shares their experiences to improve driving safety and reduce repair costs through training, technology and culture change.
Managing ambulance safety on the microscopic level
It’s important to clean and decontaminate the ambulance interior regularly to prevent the spread of germs.
6 lifesaving seat belt tips for EMTs and paramedics
Try these tips to make seat belt use in the patient care compartment just as routine as in your personal vehicle.
4 ways to improve ambulance safety during transport
Follow recent guidance on fasteners and restraints to minimize the potential for patient and provider injury while in transit.
Are You AFG Ready?
Start preparing now for the AFG FY19 grant application cycle. Stryker and EMSGrantsHelp have partnered to get you ready and provide you with free grant assistance on patient handling equipment.
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