*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*Should supraglottic airway placement be added to the EMT scope of practice?
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In this CapnoAcademy eNewsletter, read the debate from the NAEMSP Discussion Forum about adding supraglottic airway placement to the EMT scope of practice, and listen to the Montgomery County Hospital District's podcast about patient safety during mechanical ventilation.

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Should the EMT scope of practice include supraglottic airway placement?
By Maia Dorsett, MD, PhD, FAEMS, FACEP; NAEMSP 
The NAEMSP Discussion Forum debates EMT training, capnography considerations
First, do no harm: With the vent
5 ways to protect the patient during mechanical ventilation
5 tips to provide safe and effective ventilation
By Michael Fraley, BS, BA, NRP 
Assign someone to monitor the patient’s airway visually and with capnography using these five tips
Hyperoxia: Too much of a good thing
By Limmer Education 
Three significant consequences of routine, excessive oxygen administration
8 questions for critical respiratory compromise patients
By Bob Sullivan 
Make every assessment question count using this strategy to quickly assess respiratory patients who are unable to speak in phrases or sentences
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