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In this eNewsletter, Nicole Volpi shares lessons and best practices for emergency surgical cricothyrotomy, and Tim Nowak discusses vaping complications in prehospital care.

Also, discover three scenarios where capnography use is a must, and check out a Remember 2 Things video in which Steve Whitehead offers two ways capnography is useful in treating patients with head injuries or who present as septic.

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EMS World Expo Quick Take: Challenges and best practices in prehospital cricothyrotomy
By Nicole M. Volpi, PhDc, NREMTB
Flight physician Cynthia M. Griffin shares lessons learned from an emergency surgical cricothyrotomy performed in a prehospital setting
Vaping implications for prehospital clinical care
By Tim Nowak
We are beginning to see the initial correlations with COPD that vaping has on our patients’ overall health and respiratory disease exacerbation
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Check out the new Medtronic Webinar Wednesdays January - June 2020 calendar and expand your knowledge of capnography, brain monitoring, and remote patient monitoring.
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Quality Sampling Line Crucial for Accurate Capnography
Measurement technology can only report what is being delivered, so if the sampling line is not providing a representative CO2 sample, the accuracy of the measurement is impacted.
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Training Day: 3 scenarios where capnography is a must
By Tim Nowak
Teach EMS providers the benefits of waveform capnography in cases involving dyspnea and altered mental status, and before performing advanced airway management
Remember 2 Things: Capnography – head injury and sepsis
By Steve Whitehead
In this episode of Remember 2 Things, columnist Steve Whitehead offers two ways capnography can be helpful in treating patients with head injuries or who present as septic.
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