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In this eNewsletter, test your knowledge of waveform basics with a curated quiz, and listen as Inside EMS co-hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss common airway management misconceptions and the industry gold standard providers should strive to achieve.

CapnoAcademy Team
Quiz: Capnography waveform basics
By David Hudon, NRP 
Test your knowledge on hyperventilation, hypoventilation and reactive airway disease capnography waveforms
Misconceptions about airway management and the industry gold standard
By Inside EMS 
Our co-hosts discuss airway management and its important role in EMS, including common misconceptions and the standard all providers should strive for
Bolus dose nitroglycerin for hypertensive acute pulmonary edema
Dr. Casey Patrick and Mike Perlmutter discuss their experiences with implementing IV high-dose bolus NTG in APE patients
Opioid overdose: Fact vs. fiction
By Chris Ebright, Limmer Education 
A case study in opioid overdose complications, management strategies and provider safety
Research Analysis: Intubation curriculum increases first pass success
By Catherine R. Counts, PHD, MHA 
A study of over 5,000 intubations demonstrates the value of continuous quality improvement
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