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In this month of Paramedic Chief eNews, Robert Avsec describes the three P's of EMS, and Fitch and Associates discuss budget planning for new paramedic chiefs.

Also, Page, Wolfberg and Wirth tell you how to choose the proper payer for transporting SNF residents, Mark Flauter lays out six ePCR best practices and Mike Taigman talks about how to increase job satisfaction.
The EMS1 Team
Miscommunication Kills. But it Doesn't Have to.
What causes more deaths that the opioid crisis, gun violence, breast cancer, and car crashed combined? It's us. Miscommunication between care providers accounts for up to 400,000 deaths per year.
Let's fix it
Connecting EMS to Hospitals with Health Information Hub™
Health Information Hub provides bidirectional, automatic exchange of data - connecting EMS with hospitals, HIEs, outcome data, billing and registry information.
Request your connectivity report
EMS budget planning primer for new paramedic chiefs
By Dianne Wright, EMS1 Columnist
Climbing the ranks of EMS often fails to prepare new chiefs to discuss financial issues with local elected and appointed officials.
Understand how your agency is funded
Transporting SNF residents: Choosing the proper payer
By Amanda Stark, EMS1 Columnist
To avoid overpayments or submitting false claims, you must have a process in place for identifying the proper payer for each transport.
Medicare part A and B
Leadership Insights from EMS Experts
Written by Fitch & Associates partners and consultants, this collection of articles covers important topics facing leaders in public safety. Download your copy to learn from top leadership and organizational developmental experts in the field.
Get the Leadership Edge
Enhance Perfusion During High-Quality CPR
The ResQPOD® Impedance Threshold Device (ITD) is a simple, non-invasive device that delivers intrathoracic pressure regulation (IPR) therapy during basic or advanced life support CPR to improve perfusion.
Learn more about high-perfusion CPR
6 ePCR best practices
By Mark Flauter, EMS1 Contributor
Look for these features when choosing an electronic patient care reporting program for your agency.
Ability to work offline and online
Finding the joy: Job satisfaction
By Mike Taigman, EMS1 Columnist
Triage what you can change to create a shared action plan where increased workplace satisfaction heralds better patient care.
The enterprise of healing
Trauma surgeon takes lead on campaign to train police, bystanders on bleeding control
Officials: Las Vegas responders trained extensively for mass casualty event
New app helps EMS providers assess stroke severity
Drones to deliver defibrillators to 911 callers to treat cardiac arrest
Join the Conversation
Active shooter training: Do you train with local schools?
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