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In this month of Paramedic Chief eNews, our experts discuss the five causes of high injury rate for EMS providers. Fitch & Associates talk about evidence-based medicine solutions, and Page Wolfberg & Wirth go over the impact of EMS documentation on billing and reimbursement.

Lastly, Nathan Sweet gives you guidelines on handling underperforming employees and Mike Taigman lays out the seven challenges all health care leaders face.
The EMS1 Team
How Feedback Innovations Helps Your Agency Measure Patient Satisfaction
Get the data you need to improve services and get accreditation with the help of Feedback Innovations' patient satisfaction survey program.
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EMS and evidence-based medicine solutions
By Guillermo Fuentes, EMS1 Columnist
Challenging ALS and BLS standards of emergency medicine to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.
No formula for success
EMS documentation impact on billing and reimbursement
By Daniel J. Pedersen, EMS1 Columnist
Ambulance services cannot afford to feed the billing department incomplete, inaccurate or misrepresented information.
EMS billing rules
Handling underperforming employees in EMS
By Nathan Sweet, EMS1 Columnist
Implement a corrective plan which fixes underlying performance issues rather than repeating the cycle of disciplinary action.
Follow up on corrective action
7 challenges faced by all health care leaders
By Mike Taigman, EMS1 Columnist
Health care spending, the silver tsunami, technology and epidemiology issues require innovative solutions.
Closing the gap
White House releases first responder fentanyl safety recommendations
2017 SAFECOM survey assesses state of emergency communications
ALERT grant enables IAFC to continue rail safety program
Canadian public safety group releases mental health self-screening tools
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