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In this month's edition of Paramedic Chief eNews, Rom Duckworth breaks down how to recruit, engage and retain EMS providers. Meanwhile, Fitch and Associates explain why leaders need to give EMS compliance training the respect it deserves; Page, Wolfberg and Wirth talk about what EMS agencies need to know regarding the ransomware epidemic.

Furthermore, Mike Taigman discusses what's important to EMS QI and an article from NEMSMA describes the importance of why in the EMS workplace.
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Give EMS compliance training the respect it deserves
By Anthony Minge, EMS1 Columnist
It's time for EMS leaders and educators to take compliance training as seriously as clinical training – caregivers' careers and patients' lives depend on it.
Rules and regulations
The ransomware epidemic: What EMS agencies need to know
By Ryan Stark, EMS1 Columnist
Don't get caught paying to access your data; use these tips to prevent, identify and recover from EMS ransomware attacks.
Valuable data
The importance of why in the EMS workplace
By John Chamberlin, EMS1 Columnist
Explaining the rationale behind mundane instructions can increase compliance and achieve better relationships with EMS staff.
Achieve a better relationship
EMS QI: Focus on what matters to patients
By Mike Taigman et al., EMS1 Columnist
Patients should receive the same quality care no matter which paramedic or EMT shows up to take the call.
Reaching a goal
EMS department, town officials feuding over water theft
EMS physicians send FDA letter praising agency's opioid crisis initiative
University study explores heart monitoring in vehicles
Vibrating, cold device enables quick IV insertion while reducing kids' pain in ER
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