March 11, 2018 | View as webpage
EMS1 Rewind is your source for the most interesting news of the week. The articles and videos below represent the most read, commented and controversial of the week on EMS1.

Check out what EMS personnel were talking about this week.
EMS director working to transition to 12-hour shifts
A tired paramedic is more likely to make medical errors or mistakes while driving
San Diego EMS: Low staff lengthens response time
AMR employees said they have seen ambulances unstaffed in several neighborhoods, which is impacting 911 response times
Woman creates pet ambulance to help animals in need
Sometimes our furry friends need emergency transport too!
8 more reasons why you should never run to patients
"Slow is smooth, smooth is fast."
Using OPQRST as an effective patient assessment tool
OPQRST is an important part of patient assessment and the start of a conversation; not the end
Common volunteer EMS excuses, criticisms
It's true – volunteer EMS isn't for everyone
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