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Dec. 23, 2011
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Dear Member,
In this week's news highlights, a truck hit an ambulance that was transporting a patient, shearing off the side of the vehicle, and a police officer was injured during a chase with a stolen ambulance.

Also, read about the CPR-trained police officer who came to the aid of a choking diner patron in one of this week's top features on Facebook. We wish all of our members very happy and safe holidays!

— From the EMS1 Team
Top Photos of the Week

Runaway cart

Highway plane crash

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Top Videos of the Week

Medics buy diabetic food to save diabetic's life

Restored vintage ambulance

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Top Comments of the Week

"You should not be able to ban legal events while a person is not on company time. What's next? No partying? Can't go to Hooter's on your days off? This is an invasion of privacy if you ask me."
Kaleb Sanders in response to
3 Fla. paramedics fired for smoking
 "Leave EMS seperate. You don't need multiple transport agencies. Our thoughts go out to the family of Bill, his immediate family and his EMS family. This could have happened to any of us "Just doing the job."
Daws Blackmore Jr. in response to
Mich. EMT dies during struggle with psychiatric patient
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