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Community paramedicine and mobile-integrated healthcare programs seek to reduce non-emergent EMS transport to hospitals, lowering hospital admissions and readmission, and providing more appropriate medical resources for community members in need.

In this special newsletter, our experts provide tips for overcoming barriers to community paramedicine and implementing successful programs, and explore whether community paramedicine is diffusing fast enough to impact prehospital care.

View the complete coverage here and let us know if you have additional insight into how to advance community paramedicine efforts.
— The EMS1 Team
Figuring Out the Retention Puzzle in EMS
Cities and towns across the country rely on volunteer EMTs and firefighters. However, it's increasingly difficult to attract and retain volunteers. Here's how offering specialized training may improve retention.
Learn more
Overcoming barriers to implementing CP programs in EMS
By Robert J. Steeps, EMS1 Contributor
Research offers solutions to EMS providers’ hesitation regarding additional duties, hours and changing perception CP programs may bring.
Serving the underserved
Top 10 MIH or CP program funding sources
By Matt Zavadsky, EMS1 Columnist
These sources of start-up and long-term funding can help launch and provide economic sustainability for mobile-integrated healthcare.
Internal funding for MIH
Q&A: Creating a healthier, safer community with MIH-CP
By Kerri Hatt, EMS1 Senior Editor
Chief Porter R. Welch shares factors to consider before and while implementing a MIH-CP program.
What are the healthcare gaps?
The 10 peer-reviewed articles on MIH-CP you need to read right now
By Catherine R. Counts, EMS1 Columnist
Interested in learning more about the scope and growth of mobile integrated health and community paramedicine? Start right here.
Providing acute care at home
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