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Despite all of the advances in technology and medical knowledge in EMS, one of our baseline functions is still to move patients around. To that end, it's surprising how little attention we pay to lifting and moving patients.

In this in-depth report, we put patient handling devices under the microscope.
Several of our columnist experts weigh in with their thoughts on patient handling, while another speculates about various options available to EMS personnel. We asked our Facebook community what their best patient handling calls were, and also offer a video that provides safety tips on using your bariatric unit.

— The EMS1 Team

EMS roundtable
Experts on patient handling
Money might be tight, but that's no reason to skimp on safety when it comes to patient handling. Back injuries are one of the most prevalent cause of a los of productivity. Stay aware and avoid these pitfalls when moving a patient. Common mistakes
ems1 exclusive
What if patients came with handles?
No matter what you use, you are still the ultimate tool. As a responder you must get your body set to complete the task. However, products can help reduce injury and make our jobs easier — we just have to use them and use them correctly. 3 options
Featured Survey
2012 EMS1 Survey: Patient Handling
Earlier this month EMS1 conduted a survey on the state of patient handling in the industry. While only 26 percent said they'd been injured more than once due to patient handling, a demand for safer options is growing. View full results
facebook community
8 best patient handling calls
"Carrying a patient to the rig in three feet of snow. I couldn't see where we were walking, and had six guys holding the board..." We asked our Facebook fans to share memories of their responses over the years. Roof of a trailer park home
ems1 video
Tips for your bariatric unit
EMS Clinical Supervisor Shannon Watson provides a few important safety tips when setting up a bariatric ambulance ramp and winch system. Watch the video
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