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By Dan White
Software has touched many aspects of EMS. Coming generations of medics will not know a time when they didn't use software to manage electronic patient records, billing, scheduling, inventory management, and a slew of other tasks. Here's a look at the breadth of software choices medics have at their disposal. Where software has gone overboard
July Product Category of the Month - Software
Product Focus
By Art Hsieh
A new database lets EMS educators track data about their students' progress - a valuable tool for determining best practices. An added value for students
Product Round Up
EMS1 is focusing on news and information about Software throughout the month of July. Check out the Software products currently on the site. Full round up

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 emsCharts - Pre Hospital Care Management Software Learn how to save time and money with the emsCharts SyncPen.

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 Product Videos  More Videos
 How to Insert Your air-Q:
Mercury Medical provides you with a clinical instruction video for the air-Q.
 The GKR Convenience Bag
GKR shows you why the Convenience Bag is perfect for the ambulance and hospital market.
 LMA™ Jaw Elevation Device
LMA™ North America demonstrates the solution for Monitored Anesthesia Care.

 ARMOR Tests Their Rugged Mobile Computer
Watch the X10gx rugged tablet computer get smashed, frozen, cooked, and slimed.

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Exclusive Product Article
By Jamie Thompson
If you don't yet own a smartphone, chances are you will soon. Taking advantage of the technological trend, a new emergency alerting and management app has been launched that may help responders be better prepared when arriving at the scene of a major incident. Crowd sourced alert system
Products in the News
After a friend's daughter refused to wear a conventional diabetes bracelet because of the way it looked, two Philadelphia artists decided to start a business creating medical alert jewelry that both pushes style and saves lives. 'We hit a niche'

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Baby Buddy™ CPR Manikin
LUCAS® Chest Compression System
Panasonic Toughbook H1 Field
Panasonic Solutions Company
MedixSafe III (MS3)
EMS Jacket
Globe LifeLine
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 Rescue Cutters
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 Bio Threat Detection Kits
Idaho Technology manufactures the most reliable and sensitive detection kits. The R.A.P.I.D.® delivers in-field, lab quality results.
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 $200 Off FirstVu Wearable/Mountable Video System. Offer Expires Sept 30th
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Firefighters Bookstore
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Moore Medical
 Save $20 on Peltor Tactical Ear protection. Now only $54.95
GT Distributors, Inc.
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