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By Art Hsieh
Several mechanical devices have been developed over the years to provide consistent rate and depth of compressions, and allow full recoil of the chest during CPR as recommended by the American Heart Association. While studies have yet to demonstrate any true advantages of mechanical CPR over human-powered compressions, research is ongoing as we learn how to optimally use these devices. What's driving innovation
June Product Category of the Month - CPR
Product Focus
By Dan White
Early AEDs offered a complex feature set. They had huge screens, data and voice recorders, and bulky carry handles that you almost always needed because they were so big and heavy. Recent improvements in AEDs have been driven by technological breakthroughs in battery technology and electronics miniaturization.
Options for medics and civilians
Product Round Up
EMS1 is focusing on news and information about CPR throughout the month of June. Check out the CPR products currently on the site.
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 Heimlich Maneuver Demo with Act Fast See the Anti-Choking trainer in action at the ECCU conference.
PARAMEDIC to RN, EMT to EMS Mgmt,+ Fire Science Degrees Online

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 Keeping Your Controlled Narcotics Safe
MedixSafe provides top of the line features in Narcotics Security.
 Ferno's PRO Flexx 93 P
Learn how to use the Grady EMS Stretcher.
 B. Braun Medical's Introcan Safety IV Catheter
Making the IV Catheter process easier and safer to use.
 GlideScope® Ranger Video Laryngoscope
The portable and compact video Laryngoscope is ideal for prehospital and critical care situations.
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Exclusive Product Article
By Drew Johnson
Medics, with the growing use of EMS apps, are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones to do their jobs. That makes products like the Otterbox Defender, featuring several layers of protection to keep the phone safe from drops and scratches, all-the-more important. Three-layered design
Products in the News

Expanded capnograph use is shaking conventional wisdom for reviving people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest, like one Minn. man did: People may be able to go much longer without a pulse than the 20 minutes previously believed.
11 shocks failed to restore heartbeat

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The Flex-All® Splint
MedSource International
McGRATH® Series 5 Video Laryngoscope
LMA™ North America
iPad & iPad2 Mounts
RAM Mounts
The FastSet-3 Fiberglass Moldable Splint Kit
FareTec, Inc.
Rad-57™ Pulse CO-Oximeter
CombiCarrierII® Head Immobilizer
Hartwell Medical
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ZOLL provides Real CPR Help®, a CPR feedback tool that helps you to actually see what you are doing and provide feedback to help you do it well.
 ANSI Certified Vests
Blauer's Safety Vest provides ANSI 107-2004 Class I & II CERTIFIED versions that are adjustable and fully customizable to fit badges, microphones, and logos.
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 $300 Off Thermal Ally Handheld Imaging Camera. Offer Expires Sept. 30
Digital Ally
 Request a Free Demo of the Scout™ VOIP Console
 Refurbished Panasonic/Tablet CF-19 priced from $1,695 HOT!
 L.A. Rescue O2 To Go Pro Trauma/Oxygen Kit. Priced at Only $229.49!
Emergency Medical Products, Inc.
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