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January 23, 2008
Volume 39

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Canadian paramedic survives 96 hours trapped in wilderness

Paramedics hit treatment bullseye

Paramedics aid a patient who was gored by a bull during a bull festival in Colombia, Sunday. An average of 20 people are injured each year at the event after jumping into the ring with 1000-pound bulls. Full Story (AP Photo/William Fernando Martinez)
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A paramedic who's used to saving the lives of others found himself having to eat rotting beaver meat and fend off snarling animals to ensure his own survival while trapped for 96 hours in Alberta bush country.

Ken Hildebrand of Fort McMurray, Canada, was riding his all-terrain vehicle as he collected animal traps north about 80 miles southwest of Calgary, when the ATV rolled after hitting a rock and trapped him underneath ... Full Story

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Carbon Monoxide Screening
Educational Curriculum for EMS Providers
Line-of-Duty Deaths
Mo. paramedic/ firefighter dies on duty

Name: Louis Berra
Date: January 18
City: West St. Louis County, Mo.
Cause: Colleagues found 48-year-old paramedic-firefighter Louis Berra collapsed in his room Friday morning. The cause of his death is unknown
... Full Report

Breaking News:
Ky. paramedic, pregnant woman killed in car crash

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Visit the CO Screening column section at EMS1

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EMS Solutions Announces Turbo Medic v3.0
[EMS Solutions]

Lack of statewide trauma care system raise concerns in Ky.
[Lexington, Ky.]

911 dispatcher found guilty of mishandling call

N.C. county implements hypothermia for cardiac patients
[Gaston County, N.C.]
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Mo. paramedic pulls gun on teen over road dispute
[Troy, Mo.]

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Havis-Shields Releases Two New Monitor Mounting Solutions for Emergency Vehicles

Mid-air plane collision kills five in Calif.
[Corona, Calif.]

Calif. charges rogue paramedic impersonator
[Huntington Beach, Calif.]
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Calif. man suspected of impersonating paramedic, firefighter

Many veteran EMTs were inspired by '70s TV series 'Emergency!'
[New York]

Ohio bus driver/EMT accused of unlawful sexual conduct
[Newark, Ohio]

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EMS1 Forums Post of the Week
"Having seen CPAP and BIPAP used on patients with CHF exacerbation, I can attest that it truly is an effective tool. The turn around time for the patient is incredible. I cannot wait to have this tool on my ambulance. I have seen patients who should have been intubated and on a vent, return to normal baseline within 10-15 minutes with BIPAP."

— crazymedic62
Posted in response to: Is continuous positive airway pressure truly the 'next big thing' in cardiac arrest treatment?

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