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EMS1 eNews • Vol. 206
September 10, 2009
Editor's Note
Tomorrow marks the eighth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, providing an appropriate — albeit somber — time to reflect on our profession. It is a chance to not only remember those lost in the line of duty, but also to reaffirm our own dedication to the EMS field.

To commemorate the date, we feature details of Firefighter-EMT Glenn Winuk, who died helping rescue people from the World Trade Center, being posthumously awarded a Medal of Valor. In addition, an article by his brother, Jay, advocates honoring the victims by looking forward and improving the lives of those in need.

— Kris Kaull, Paramedic
   Online Director, EMS Division
Commentary: Acts of kindness are the way to mark 9/11
The upcoming eighth anniversary of the attacks of September 11 raises a compelling question for millions of Americans: How should we best observe this uniquely tragic day in our nation's history? Surely, it should not be a holiday. This is no time for days off from work and three-day weekends to enjoy barbeques and white sales. No, September 11 is a day for reflection, and its historical and emotional significance should not lessen with time or be diminished in any way. It is a day to focus on the substantial lessons learned. Full Story
Medal of Valor
Jay Winuk (center) accepts the 9/11 Heroes Medal of Valor award on Monday in New York on behalf of his brother, Glenn, a volunteer firefighter-EMT from Jericho, N.Y. Glenn died trying to rescue people at the World Trade Center, and was given the award eight years later. (Image Peter King)
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