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EMS1 eNews • Vol. 191
July 21, 2009
Ask the ER Doc
Altered LOC: What's the Cause?
By Robert Donovan, EMS1 Columnist
In the pre-hospital arena, as well as in the ER, we see sufficient numbers of patients with diabetes. While we think we can easily recognize the symptoms, it can sometimes be a bit tricky. An interesting case shows us one of the extremes of this common disease. When evaluating, it is important to purposely never start off 100 percent sure of my diagnosis. By doing this, I am constantly thinking about other disease possibilities. Full Story

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Conn. ambulance chief blames hypoglycemia for DUI
San Francisco Rail Crash
San Francisco firefighters talk with one of the victims involved in a two-train light-rail crash on Saturday. Forty-eight people sustained injuries, but none were life-threatening. (Photo Lance Iversen/The Chronicle)
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Upgrade to America's Largest Push to Talk Coverage Area

Verizon Wireless, the same people who created America's most reliable wireless voice Network, now bring you America's largest Push to Talk coverage area. Proven devices and best-in-class service are two more great reasons to make the switch.

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Free Conn. health clinics provide care to uninsured patients
Health insurance and doctors were unthinkable luxuries for George Anderson of Redding, laid off nearly a year ago when his book distribution company filed for bankruptcy. Like countless others stripped of health insurance because of the recession, Anderson and his family were forced to turn to a free health clinic. In all, about 4 million Americans are expected to visit the nation's 1,200 free health clinics this year — a surge that comes as clinics face a drop-off in financial support. Full Story

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Respiratory Rate Assessment
By Greg Friese,
EMS1 Columnist
The easiest method of assessing a patient's respiratory rate is not always the most intuitive. Read on to discover how to keep a patient comfortable and obtain essential vital measurements needed for assessment. Be sure to share your own experiences in the comments area. Full Tip
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Effectively Manage Your Workforce with EMS eSchedule

EMS eSchedule provides a powerful Internet-based workforce management solution. Streamline your business including: scheduling, time and attendance, payroll, training, and certification tracking. EMS eSchedule's feature-rich time clock saves you time and money: control attendance, overtime, generate online timecards, payroll integration, PTO requests, PTO accruals and more.

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Rules of EMS
1.Skin signs tell all
2.Sick people don't b*tch
3.Air goes in and out, blood goes round and round, any variation on this is a bad thing ... More

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EMS Careers Advancing in Saint Lucia
Posted by Craig Herman

The CF-30 Magnesium Dock - Setting the Industry Standard

Gamber-Johnson has released the industry's first magnesium docking station specifically designed for the Panasonic Toughbook 30 computer. The patent-pending magnesium CF30 docking station only weighs around six pounds, it is less top heavy and less likely to vibrate during vehicle operation. That means less wear and tear on your computer, its connections and your budget.

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