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EMS1 eNews • Vol. 174
EMS Week • May 21, 2009

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In today's EMS1 Member News, a Mich. ambulance company is looking to spruce up the drab interiors of its emergency vehicles by installing flat-panel TVs and DVD players to entertain and soothe patients. Also, columnist Robert Waddell explains how Wednesday's EMSC Day should remind every EMS provider that they must ensure the next generation of responders is properly trained to care for the children they will encounter. And remember to check out our special coverage of EMS Week 2009, including articles, tips and videos.

— Kris Kaull, Paramedic
Online Director, EMS Division

Featured News
Flat-screens, DVD players spruce up Mich. ambulances
An ambulance company is looking to spruce up the drab interiors of its emergency vehicles by installing flat-panel TVs and DVD players to entertain and soothe patients as the trucks speed between destinations. Alliance Mobile Health, a 9-year-old company with a fleet of 28 trucks, hopes the new frills will help it better compete in Metro Detroit's crowded health care market. Demand for medical services is sliding amid the weak economy and ambulance firms need to add a little glitz to stand out. Full Story
FDNY 'Second Chance Brunch'
Barbara Schroeder embraces FDNY EMS member Alex Lipsitt at the 15th Annual Second Chance Brunch, Tuesday, as part of FDNY's EMS Week celebrations. The paramedic saved Schroeder's life when she went into cardiac arrest in December last year. (Photo FDNY)

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Top Stories

Total Electronic Solution at a Flat Monthly Subscription Fee

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EMS Week Special Feature Everyday EMS Tips
Responses to Equestrian Injuries
By Robert K. Waddell,
EMS1 Columnist
As my 23-year-old daughter reminds me, "Dad, be nice to me as I will be the person who decides when your diaper will be changed!" Her comments strike home on many levels — related especially to being sure we care for and about our children. Yesterday's EMSC Day should remind every EMS provider that we must ensure the next generation of responders is properly trained to care for the children they will encounter; the sick and injured as well as those in injury and illness prevention programs. Full Story
EMS Week: All Year Long
By Greg Friese,
EMS1 Columnist
As you wind down your 2009 National EMS Week activities and celebrations, consider how you can celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of EMS all year long. Remember, EMS week has two purposes — appreciation of EMS providers and improving public awareness of EMS contributions. Why should we confine our recognition to a set schedule? Full Tip
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RAM Introduces the Docking Station for the Panasonic CF-H1

The Docking Station for the Panasonic CF-H1 Mobile Clinical Assistant has a unique spring-loaded latch and roller system that perform flawlessly together. The overall shape of the dock does not block any functions of the mounted device. Additional features include 5 USB connections, Ethernet, serial, VGA, and power input.

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Topic: Rescue

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Duration: 00:01:22
Topic: Rescue,

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News and Announcements Product Category Spotlight
Ill. lawmakers approve stroke center network for ambulances

Indonesian plane crashes into homes, at least 98 dead

H1N1 outbreak reveals military pandemic plans, gaps

Navy copter crashes into Pacific ocean, 3 bodies found

WHO: Japan, San Marino top life-expectancy list

AstraZeneca e-mails show internal safety dispute

Senator: No health insurance for illegal migrants

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Panasonic Unveils the HANDHELD Toughbook CF-U1
[Panasonic Computer Solutions Company]
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