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Does assisted extrication increase cervical motion?
Top 5 EMS videos of August
September 2, 2014
Featured News
5 dead in Colo. plane crash Medics keep working on patient after unit flips Girl, 9, dies in sand hole collapse at Ore. beach
Today's Top Stories:
Widow: Airline didn't use AED because of husband's hairy chest: A man died of a heart attack on a Southwest flight
Study: New heart failure drug shows big promise: Has been a decade since a breakthrough of this magnitude
Md. EMS program combats repeat substance abuse calls: Johns Hopkins trains medics to better engage with drug abuse
Dispatcher mistakes with new 911 system rock Fla. county
Mo. city finds way to outsource ambulance billing, keep local jobs
Pa. paramedic chief retires after 38 years
Rescuer describes feat to save Maine rock climber
Drone stalls Ohio med flight landing
Responders free texting woman impaled in buttocks
News Analysis:
Referring drug addicts to socials services is an EMS win
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
As part of the nation's health care safety net, EMS crews respond to a disproportionate number of both emergency and non-emergent calls where transport to an emergency department is the least effective form of care. We are seeing rising EMS call volume in many parts of the country. The instinctive response is to add more staffing and more units. But that model is failing.
The Research Review
Prove it: Does assisted extrication increase cervical motion?
By Kenny Navarro, EMS1 Columnist
One study examined four different extrication methods using multiple cameras and reflective tape along victims' spines. Let's take a closer look
Are You Purchasing Rescue Gear in the Next 6 Months?
EMS1 and Globe LifeLine are piloting a new program to assist EMTS through the PPE research & purchasing process.
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EMS1 Exclusive
Top 5 EMS videos of August
 Popular videos of the month include how EMS handled riots in Ferguson and a disturbing video that highlights the need for better civilian education for CPR. Watch the videos
A Revolution in Emergency Care Flow-Safe II® Disposable CPAP System

Advantage 1: Over 50% Less Oxygen Consumption

Advantage 2: Built-in Manometer & Pressure Relief Valve

Advantage 3: Nebulizer (In-line Capability)

Advantage 4: Advanced Mask Design

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Insights on Innovation
4 exciting ambulance designs
By Dan White, EMS1 Columnist
A relatively new crop of innovative potential ambulance chassis holds the promise of making ambulance transport safer and more efficient. The "Sprinter Killer"

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