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Why EMS got bullet proof vests for Ferguson riots
Simulated CPR improves field CPR quality?
August 28, 2014
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Ore. FF-EMT on bike struck by pickup, killed Medic pays parking ticket for grieving daughter Girl accidentally kills firing range instructor with Uzi
Today's Top Stories:
LODD: 4 killed in NM medical flight crash: Plane crashed and burst into flames on the way to Phoenix
Leader admits guilt in 9/11 disability fraud case: Applicants got advice on failing memory tests, feigning PTSD symptoms
Dispatcher hangs up on mom with baby locked in hot car: Faces disciplinary action after saying child had to be distressed
Maine ambulance service seeks new location after neighborhood opposition
Blade from power saw impales construction worker
Nev. responders ready mobile hospital for Burning Man
Mich. county pushes CPR training for all employees
NY city to cut firefighters, auction ambulances
Cobra’s severed head bites, kills chef
News Analysis:
EMS grant help from health care systems is a game changer
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
In these days of shrinking budgets, fewer volunteers, and intense competition, it's almost heartwarming to see an organization step up to the plate and encourage local EMS systems to do so as well. With money on the table, Wellspan’s Pa. partnership to help secure emergency grants has put some skin in the game to improve the overall capacity of the regional EMS system. What it means
EMS1 Exclusive
Exclusive: Why EMS got bullet proof vests for Ferguson riots
During the Ferguson riots, EMS Chief Chris Cebollero discusses stress management for his crews, communication problems and issuing bullet proof vests. Watch the video
Are You Purchasing Rescue Gear in the Next 6 Months?
EMS1 and Globe LifeLine are piloting a new program to assist EMTs through the PPE research & purchasing process.
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EMS in Focus
Does simulated CPR training improve field CPR quality?
By Dean Meenach, EMS1 Columnist
The value of simulation is clear, but the link proving simulation training translates to real clinical outcomes has not been well documented. Use it or lose it
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Watch the Handtevy™ Innovation Zone
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The Art of EMS
5 ways EMTs can be more caring to patients
By Steve Whitehead, EMS1 Columnist
You have to first possess and practice traits like kindness and compassion before you can pass the sentiment on to your patients. Handle with care
EMS1 Video
Graphic content: Untrained civilians fail at CPR
This disturbing scene shows panicked civilians jumping on a boy's chest in an attempt to revive him.
Paramedic marvels at baby who survived crash
A paramedic who assisted a 15-weeks pregnant woman from a crash is amazed her baby, now 4 months old, survived.
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