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How to solar power an ambulance or fire truck
Video: Patient safety in the rig
July 17, 2014
Featured News
Gang threatens to kill Jersey City police, EMTs Ariz. medic saves officer in wrecked squad GPS mix-up sends Minn. unit to wrong address
Today's Top Stories:
Audit: San Francisco response times have spiked: Memo outlines concerns of "medic to follow" calls increasing
Fla. EMS director, radio show host spend hour in hot car: Prepared with equipment and medical staff on standby
Closest unit not responding prompts Ohio policy changes: Policy requires units to notify dispatch if they are close to scene
Report: Many Iowa counties have no full-time ambulance
Texas FFs, medics deliver baby in ambulance
Fla. county votes to add an ambulance, close 2 fire stations
Responders rescue construction worker suspended from bridge
N.Y. farmer killed in hay baler accident
Italian beach introduces ambulance service for dogs
News Analysis:
Possible solutions to San Francisco's EMS problems
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
Earlier I had commented that the problems San Francisco faced in its EMS system were too large and complex to be fixed by merely throwing money at them. I was taken to task by an EMS1 reader who felt that I offered no suggestions, which is true. There are folks who are far smarter than me who could weigh in on this issue. But, I don't have to; San Francisco itself has tried several innovative ways to manage its call volume. What they should do
EMS1 Exclusive
How to solar power an ambulance or fire trucks
By Robert Avsec, EMS1 Contributor
Solar-capturing technology has made it easier to keep fire trucks and ambulances fully charged without leaving them running, and saves money. Let there be light
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Remember 2 Things
Patient safety in the rig
 Steve Whitehead reminds us to remember that everything in the ambulance is properly restrained — be it supplies or the patient themselves. Watch the video
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EMS1 and Globe LifeLine are piloting a new program to assist First Responders through the PPE research & purchasing process.
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Product News
New hands-only CPR device reduces fatigue
By Mary Rose Roberts, Product Editor
The CPR RsQ Assist can help even novices do hands-free CPR. With voice commands and an audio and video metronome, it talks users through the intimidation factor of performing CPR. Ergonomic design
EMS1 Video
EMT pranks administrator
The EMT placed a fake snake inside the administrator's cupboard; watch the video for her great reaction!
Responder saved by those he trained
The former responder had a heart attack while golfing; employees he trained used an AED to shock him.
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