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Can less ALS mean better BLS?
3 tips to finding the right EMT course
June 24, 2014
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Medics injured in head-on ambulance collision Father gets ambulance ride to son's graduation Searchers find dog of missing Calif. FF-medic
Today's Top Stories:
Supreme Court rules AEDs not required in Calif. stores: Ruling signals an end to a wrongful death lawsuit
Listen: Ohio dispatcher tells rape victim to "quit crying": Dispatcher has since been "retrained"
N.D. ambulance firm sues documentary filmmaker: Filmmaker claims permission to shoot, ambulance company says otherwise
Off-duty medic, detectives rescue couple that survived 14 hours at sea
Hypothermia kills popular outdoor writer on hike
W.Va. county dedicates monument to fallen responders
Chicago woman punches officer trying to get her off ambulance
Wash. volunteer EMT named state responder of the year
Wis. community helps man deliver ambulance to African hometown
News Analysis:
Not having AEDs in big-box stores puts customers at undue risk
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
In what signals the end to a wrongful death lawsuit, the Supreme Court ruled that AEDs should not be required in California stores, saying "'s an undue burden to require Target to obtain defibrillators and train staff to use them on the random chance that a customer suffers cardiac arrest." Unless of course, that random chance involves you, or someone you know and love. Let's rethink this
Creating a Quality EMS Future
Can less ALS mean better BLS?
By Michael Gerber, EMS1 Columnist
Sure, more patients may receive ALS care faster with more medics, but are those patients better off if BLS providers are no longer proficient in actively assessing and treating patients? Too many medics
King of the Airway
The King Airway is a disposable, supraglottic device created as an alternative to conventional, tracheal intubation. This airway is designed for positive pressure ventilation. The ability to provide positive pressure ventilation over 30 cm H2O maximizes the King Airway’s versatility as a superior airway management tool.
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Everyday EMS
3 tips to finding the right EMT course
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Columnist
The ease of finding your options and choosing an EMT course depends a lot on where you live, how far you are willing to travel, and how soon you want to enroll and complete the course. Streamline the process
Earn an Emergency Management Certificate
Are you interested in pursuing a management position in emergency services? Our certificate program in Emergency Management* can help you prepare for that.
To get started, call an advisor at 800-520-4109 or click here.
EMS1 Exclusive
From battlefields to backyards: What we've learned from combat care
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
Since the advent of modern out-of-hospital care in the U.S., EMS providers have benefited from lessons learned from wars fought in Korea and Vietnam, to Iraq and Afghanistan. 9 things
EMS1 Video
NY responders post best volunteer photos
From responding to a call to marching in a parade, EMS and fire volunteers submitted photos to show off their agency and inspire recruits.
Man shoots robbers after dispatcher transfer him to voicemail
The dispatcher was attempting to transfer the call from the fire department to law enforcement when it accidentally went to voicemail.
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