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3 simple ways for EMTs to stay fit, have fun
Pregnant mothers and abdominal trauma
June 12, 2014
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SFFD: Call volume slows response in child's death Medic gets patient out before ambulance erupts Prince William to become air ambulance pilot?
Today's Top Stories:
Colo. dispatcher quits after 911 caller is killed: Dispatcher had information that should have been given to officers
Calif. FD to cut medics from ambulances to reduce costs: Effort to delay the plan failed; city will cut 21 firefighter-medics
Ex-Va. rescue chief pleads guilty to embezzlement: Accused of falsifying county reimbursement forms for training classes
Ambulance transporting patient stops to pick up hitchhikers
Pa. county leads federal study of future 911 technology
Fla. EMS workers face burnout, director asks for more staff
Mass. man hurls transport chair at medic
Kan. college uses realistic scenarios to teach EMS students
Harrison Ford airlifted, injured on Star Wars set
News Analysis:
EMS providers can't fix, but can combat Medicare fraud
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
Regulators put checks and balances into place to try to maintain fair and appropriate disbursement, but scammers of the system find a way to circumvent the rules or take advantage of them. These activities are always unethical, but not always unlawful. What results is a wasteful system that ironically fails to pay fully for legitimate services, and that nobody trusts. As an EMS provider, why should you care?
First in Fitness
3 simple ways for EMTs to stay fit, have fun
By Bryan Fass, EMS1 Columnist
As a society we make exercise, nutrition and overall personal wellness far too complicated. You should want to not only retire, but to retire with good health. Here's how to do that. Invest in yourself
InPublicSafety Presents: How to be prepared for budget cuts
Since the 2008 bail out, Americans and members of the government, respectively, have been increasingly concerned about the health of the American economy. Slowly, Americans have watched companies downsize, witnessed job shortages throughout the country, and, in some places, seen their taxes increase.
Read the full article on
Remember 2 Things
How to access pregnant mothers with abdominal trauma
 Steve Whitehead discusses the importance of not ruling out fetal trauma. Watch the video
Reduce Accidents and Optimize Your Fleet's Driving Performance
Safety Vision’s SafeDrive MiniDVR™ mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) installs directly to a windshield and uses both a forward-facing camera and a rear-facing cabin camera to record video, audio, global positioning system (GPS) data and g-force metadata to convenient CompactFlash® cards. Even with a loss of power, events are recorded with the compact MDVR’s battery backup feature.
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EMS News in Focus
How to manage drug shortages and expired pharmaceuticals
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
Drug shortages won't disappear any time soon, and EMS agencies need come up with innovative ways to ensure that their patients receive the right drug at the right time. Breaking down the issue
EMS1 Video
NY ceremony honors 60,000 state EMS providers
A special ceremony at the Empire State Plaza honored EMS providers.
FDNY medic participates in Cold Water Challenge
A cooler of ice water does the trick in this challenge for charity.
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Elk County 9-1-1 (PA) Announces Switching to Aladtec for Staff Scheduling & Workforce Management Solutions
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