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Four EMS calls I used to wish for
Good bedside manner helps patients and medics
June 10, 2014
Featured News
Cop kills mentally ill teen after call for ambulance L.A. medic killed in plane crash; child critical 2 workers injured after Ferris wheel collapses
Today's Top Stories:
Mass. police can carry Narcan, but not use it: Policy restrictions prevent cops from administering overdose antidote
Study: Boston EMS most expensive in U.S.: Most of the money is not going to those in field, but to supervisors
Texas EMS home visit program shows signs of success: In 30 days, frequent flier calls have been reduced by 23 percent
Former PGFD fire chief named D.C.'s interim chief
Ala. city has 30 days to find provider
N.C. health system takes over county ambulance service
5 hurt in Conn. ambulance crash
Wyo. woman awarded medal for CPR in parking lot
2 dead, 3 injured trying to retrieve cell phone from toilet pit
News Analysis:
The Dallas program shows how EMS can lead health care reform
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
Six months ago we reported that the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department was initiating a community paramedic program to better service its population of frequent 911 callers. It’s no surprise the program is experiencing early success by saving the department (and taxpayers) valuable resources and money. Given that this is a pilot program, I am looking forward to seeing how it will evolve. One key element
The Art of EMS
4 EMS calls I used to wish for
By Steve Whitehead, EMS1 Columnist
One of the great paradoxes of human thought is the idea, "Be careful what you wish for; it might come true." We can't wish calls that test our mettle into or out of existence; we can only better prepare for them.
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Behind the Patient: Street Portraits
How good bedside manner helps patients and medics
By Michael Morse, EMS1 Columnist
Falling into the trap of repetitive patient care, with little thought of the person with the symptoms, or the person behind the patient, makes for a dull, uninspiring career. Every person is you
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EMS1 Video
Elevator flies 30 floors in 15 seconds, man injured
A man trapped inside suffered head and leg injuries when the elevator crashed into the roof of the building.
Medic injured after crashing ambulance into carport
The ambulance ran over a retaining wall when the driver's foot slipped and he hit the gas.
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