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3 ways to handle 'Will we finish early?'
Breathe new life into an old grant application
May 29, 2014
Featured News
Rescuers amputate trucker's leg on scene Woman transported to hospital in D.C. fire truck Photo: Alaska responders rescue wolf pups
Today's Top Stories:
NY jury rules medics liable in $172M brain damage lawsuit: Medics gave mother bad advice about transporting daughter
Honolulu EMS nears deal to end 16-hour shifts: Project would convert shifts from 12 to eight hours to eliminate double shifts
Jury selection starts in Stow beating lawsuit: Lawyer says adequate security was not present at time of beating
21 killed in South Korean hospital fire
2 Conn. towns dump regional dispatch, may start own
Ore. teen holding breath in tunnel causes three-car crash
NY ambulance service abolition hinges on judge's ruling
Va. EMT injured in ambulance collision
Son of late Ky. snake handler also refuses treatment
News Analysis:
Ending mandatory EMT overtime is the right move
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
It would’ve been pretty straightforward to once again point out failed leadership at DCFEMS, but the proposal at Honolulu EMS that would end 16-hour shifts as a result of mandatory overtime makes for a more positive story that improves both the agency and its workforce, not to mention the health of its community. Fatigue is an issue that can lead to greater likelihood of injury, mistakes in judgment, and low morale. When do we stop?
Everyday EMS
EMS instructor: 3 ways to handle 'Will we finish early?'
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Columnist
I find it helpful to script commonly asked questions, especially questions that are challenging the very premise of the course, event or topic. Consider one of these specific responses to "Will we finish early?" Ask, stay or leave?
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EMS Grants Help
7 steps to breathe new life into 2013's AFG grant application
By Janet Smith, EMSGrantsHelp
Whether there's a surge in 911 call volume, a nasty storm or sweeping reforms within the system, we in EMS are constantly adapting to changes. We don't give up easily. The same holds true when it comes to applying for grants.
Grant Help Available for the Handtevy Pediatric Resuscitation System
The Handtevy™ Pediatric Box is a complete, customized pediatric resuscitation and drug dosing system that allows the healthcare provider to run a pediatric code from start to finish. Paramedics will never have to calculate a drug dose again! The Handtevy is grant eligible.
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EMS1 Video
Adults save Fla. kids electrocuted in pool
Officials say a pool pump malfunctioned and electrified the water.
Man miraculously catches baby falling from 2nd floor window
The man was walking past a building in China during a thunderstorm when he spotted the 1-year-old, who had climbed onto a window ledge.
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