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This 1 magic phrase will stop patient conflicts
Video: Tips for treating patients with pacemakers
May 1, 2014
Featured News
Baby dies when dad doesn't call 911 Explosion at Calif. metal shop injures 11 Search crews rescue father, 2 kids in SC park
Today's Top Stories:
Lawsuit: Medic claims she was fired for reporting partner was drunk: Says the company retaliated against her
Delaware lawmakers may fund $8.5M EMS shortfall: Package of four bills would benefit services across the state
Okla. inmate dies of heart attack after botched execution: Tried out new drug combo that included midazolam
2 killed, 150 injured in Florida jail explosion
Air ambulance unable to land at Kan. airport
Active search ends for bodies in Wash. mudslide
Pa. EMS on verge of closing
Pa. couple move wedding to ER when groom has anxiety attack
FDNY unveils EMS Week posters
News Analysis:
How adding an ambulance service can make matters worse
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
Adding more ambulance companies to an area may make response times look better, but it may worsen the health of the overall system by reducing the number of transports to each service. Maybe that's what's going on with an existing New York ambulance squad that's against the plan to create another service. But I'm baffled as to why someone would propose that in the first place, when there are already agencies available. What's the need?
The Art of EMS
This 1 magic phrase will stop patient conflicts
By Steve Whitehead, EMS1 Columnist
I’d like to teach you an almost magical phrase that you can use to deescalate many of the conflicts that we encounter in the course of prehospital care. That phrase is, "Let me see if I understand you correctly." Why it works
Back-Up Cams Cost the Same as Full Driver Management System, which include Back-Up Monitor!
Digital Ally’s Video Event Data Recorders are available through all major US ambulance manufacturers and include 2-8 individually triggered cameras, including back-up cameras, the protection of video recording, and powerful reporting/management software. For almost the same price, you receive far greater benefits to safety and fleet expenses.
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EMS1 Exclusive
Tips for treating patients with pacemakers
 Distinguishing between a pacing event and ventricular dysrhythmia can often make all the difference in the outcome of a patient. Watch the video
Inform Yourself with Critical Patient Information Available Through MedicAlert PrEMISE
Get quick and secure access to your patient's MedicAlert® EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record) during a medical emergency. EMTs and paramedics can rely on MedicAlert Foundation to help improve patient safety and quality of care.
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First in Fitness
How 1 tennis ball can cure your muscle pain
By Bryan Fass, EMS1 Columnist
Over time, the pain damages your soft tissue, namely the muscles, to the point that they are full of trigger points and adhesions. Thankfully, you can easily break up these adhesions with a tennis ball. But how?
EMS1 Video
Fla. responders perform in 'Stayin' Alive' CPR flash mob
About 50 responders performed hands-only CPR to raise public awareness of the life-saving skill.
Ambulance flips when T-boned by car
Dash cam footage shows the car and ambulance colliding at an intersection.
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