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How changes will weed out the worst providers
Video: How perception impacts your safety
April 3, 2014
Featured News
NY EMT, police officer dies from cardiac arrest Video: Memorial service for fallen Boston FF Dispatcher helps save father first day on the job
Today's Top Stories:
Gunman kills 3, wounds 16 at Fort Hood: Shooter was undergoing assessment for post-trauamtic stress disorder
Texas woman gives $6.5M for faster transport jet: Aircraft features critical care and pediatric-oriented technology
Ohio doctor creates app game to find local AEDs: Urges high school students to compete for prizes on smartphone game
EMS competition added to Olympic-style games for emergency providers
Man arrested after joyride in stolen Texas ambulance
DEA investigates morphine missing from Ky. ambulances
Fla. city prepares to sue county over EMS funding cuts
EMS employee arrested over hidden camera in women’s restroom
Woman's 'stomach bug' actually a baby
News Analysis:
How EMS crowdsourcing improves cardiac-arrest outcomes
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
Merrian-Webster Dictionary defines crowdsourcing as "the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people." The term is normally associated with internet technology and software. Yet as this article on using a smartphone app to locate AEDs throughout a community demonstrates, the idea can be used in EMS too. Looking to the future
The Legal Guardian
How EMS changes will weed out the worst providers
By David Givot, EMS1 Columnist
Paramedics are becoming more and more autonomous and less and less dependent on Dixie and Dr. Bracket for handholding. Previously difficult and complex decisions are now in the hands of the providers on scene. Is this a good thing?
Maryland EMS Provider Used Video to Protect Against Accusation
There’s nothing more maddening, and potentially expensive, than knowing you’re right and not being able to prove it. Butler Medical Transport doesn’t need to worry about that thanks to the DVM-250Plus Video Event Data Recorder from Digital Ally. “The other driver claimed we ran the red light, but the video evidence clearly proved…”
Read about Butler Medical’s close call
EMS Street Survival
How perception impacts your safety
 Not everyone is always happy to see EMS on the scene; here's how to prepare for dangerous situations. Watch the video
New Boots from Blauer
Introducing Clash™ LT, our lightest weight and most breathable boot, built for warm weather. Weighing in at just 18 oz., Clash LT was built for speed and mobility, while still providing superior support and durability for the most rugged terrain. Mixed suede and mesh backed by a premium perforated foam construction provide toughness with extreme breathability.
Check it out!
Insights on Innovation
Airway Class vs. Airway Grade: Know the distinction
By Dan White, EMS1 Columnist
Do you know the difference between Airway Class and Airway Grade? It means a lot to someone with poor airway control that you do! Check out these definitions so you can score some good grades.
EMS1 Video
911 audio of active-shooter prank
A woman was arrested for the April Fool's gag when her adult daughter called 911.
Baby of Boston EMT at marathon bombing due around race day
Last year, EMT Janell Jimenez thought it would be her last day on earth. This year, she's expecting to bring a baby girl into the world.
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