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How to get more from a cardiac monitor
Video: Burn care cooling techniques
March 27, 2014
Featured News
Boston mourns death of 2 veteran firefighters Dispatcher donates kidney to colleague Teen saves grandfather 4 days after learning CPR
Today's Top Stories:
Chicago dispatchers asked to keep ambulance shortage quiet: Memo asks for avoidance of terms that highlight issue
EMS director resigns after use of MCI bus for wedding: Rumored he OK'd use to shuttle guests for fire chief's ceremony
Watch: Cop cuffs firefighter on EMS call: Stemmed from FF refusing to move his fire truck while rendering aid to patient
Off-duty EMT charged with DUI in fatal crash
Cutting medics upsets Philly FFs' union
Former NH ambulance director pleads guilty to drug theft
Mudslide recovery brings tears to rescuers' eyes
Boston EMT at marathon bombing invited to run race
Dog dials 911 on owner's smartphone
News Analysis:
Why more ambulances won’t fix Chicago dispatch problems
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Advisor
Communicators in EMS coordinate the system's resources, using various forms of technology to ensure that messages get where they need to go. The system has to be able to send the appropriate resources at the right time to avoid zero-level conditions. That's why it doesn't make sense for Chicago dispatchers to just throw calls out into the air. Are they taxis?
The Ambulance Driver's Perspective
How to get more from a cardiac monitor
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
Understanding the shape and significance of a plethysmograph waveform is a great way to glean more information about your patient's cardiovascular status. Reading the wave
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Remember 2 Things
Burn care cooling techniques
 EMS1 columnist Steve Whitehead explains the importance of hypothermia prevention and less aggressive cooling of burns. Watch the video
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Survival Guide
Got rhythm? When heart rates go wrong
By Jim Upchurch, EMS1 Columnist
The sign of a healthy heart is a regularly repeating electrical action that normally produces a regularly repeating heart contraction and pulse. When this doesn't happen, it's called an arrhythmia. How to recognize it
EMS1 Video
Moment Chicago train jumps track, crashes up escalator
More than 30 people were injured after a train jumped a rail and careened into a station.
911 calls capture aftermath of Wash. mudslide
Newly-released audio details dispatch response moments after the mudslide that killed at least 14 as rescuers continue the search for survivors.
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