Orifices: The ins and outs of the body ; Airway assessment of children ;
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Orifices: The ins and outs of the body
Airway assessment of children
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News Spotlight
Researchers link air pollution to heart attacks
Air pollution is being linked to heart attacks, according to new research from a university in Houston, Texas. After analyzing eight years worth of data drawn from Houston's extensive network of air-quality monitors and more than 11,000 concurrent out-of-hospital cardiac arrests logged by EMS services, researchers found a positive correlation between pollution and heart attacks. The bottom line
Featured News
Video: Hundreds gather to mourn medic killed in crash
Family, friends, coworkers and scores of emergency responders attended the funeral service for fallen EMT Timothy McCormick on Tuesday. The 24-year-old died early Saturday morning after the ambulance he was driving was hit by a car. His coworker, EMT Cody Medley, also died as a result of the crash. Watch the video
Today's Top Stories:
Newborn baby declared dead, later found alive: The baby was pronounced dead by medical staff and covered with a sheet
Medic assaulted after unsuccessful CPR: Angry family member of deceased woman also damaged equipment
 Firefighter aims to shoot cow, hits firefighter instead
 3 firefighters injured, dragged by car during EMS run
 Off-duty Mass. EMT, son killed in crash
 Firefighter stuck in silo during rescue attempt
News Analysis:
The dangers we face on the road
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editor in Chief
An ambulance crash in Indianapolis claimed the lives of two EMTs on Saturday. Such tragedies are becoming far too common. On behalf of EMS1, we wish the surviving family and friends of our fallen colleagues well. Even where no mistakes are made and the cases where deaths were not preventable, we should acknowledge LODDs as a reminder of the dangers we can face on the roads. Better practices
Survival Guide
Orifices: The ins and outs of the body
By Jim Upchurch, EMS Columnist
We're facing an increase in health care needs, and who do you think is going to be picking up some of the slack? That's right, probably you. With that, let me introduce you to the world of manmade body cavity access devices and procedures. Traffic control
When the Pressure's On, Rethink Hemorrhage Control
The ITClamp is the new solution to severe hemorrhage - a leading cause of death in traumatic injury - by controlling bleeding in seconds. The device works by sealing the skin closed and forming a stable clot until the wound can be surgically repaired. FDA and CE regulatory approvals pending.
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In the Pediatric Corner
The little things count: Airway assessment of children
By Robert Waddell, EMS1 Columnist
Prehospital providers have had the opportunity to deliver an increasing level of care to their patients through advancements in treatment modalities. Yet despite this, the fact is more children are stabilized and life threats averted through the provision of the basics. Science of pediatric emergencies
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EMS1 Video
Medics rescue woman after impaling self on fence
The woman apparently fell from her balcony and landed on a fence. Thanks to medics she is now in stable condition.
Weatherman passes out on live TV
Accelerating to 8Gs, the Australian weatherman lost consciousness while flipping around in the stunt plane.
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