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ECG Challenge: Nitroglycerin, right?
Becoming an EMT: Moving patients
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News Spotlight
Medics want better protection while on duty
Kicking. Punching. Spitting. Hurled insults and expletives. Abuse against paramedics is too common, says the Toronto Paramedic Association. On the heels of a recent attack against a veteran paramedic, the group is calling for changes to Canada's Criminal Code to give emergency workers the same special protection as police officers. Deterring violence
Featured News
Video: Cop ignored medical call, fired
An investigation into Miami police officers' on-duty conduct found six officers were ignoring 911 calls while instead kissing their girlfriends, shopping, and drinking coffee. (Image Delinquent on duty
Today's Top Stories:
Ambulance service under investigation after patient death: Boy died of cardiac arrest when crew waited 5 to 6 minutes to leave the station
Ariz. firefighter/medic honored for service, rescue: Firefighter/paramedic Coy Boggler named Firefighter of the Year for 2012
 Jury reaches guilty verdict in ambulance shooting trial
 Pa. agency puts new BLS system to use
 Family of firefighters killed in chopper crash voice frustration
 Medic accused of concealing sex offender status
News Analysis:
4 lessons to learn from the Miami-Dade police video
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editor in Chief
Can you imagine how fellow police officers feel when they see these videos being published throughout their city through the public press? We've seen similar behavior to this with EMS and fire folks, be it poor taste in social media posts, or being caught on video by members of the public. Lessons to be learned
EMS 12-Lead
ECG Challenge: Nitroglycerin, right?
By Tom Bouthillet, EMS1 Columnist
EMS is called to the residence of a 67-year-old male complaining of shortness of breath. At the time of EMS arrival the patient walks out of the bedroom into the living room and slumps over onto the gurney in obvious distress. How would you treat this patient?
When the Pressure's On, Rethink Hemorrhage Control
The ITClamp is the new solution to severe hemorrhage - a leading cause of death in traumatic injury - by controlling bleeding in seconds. The device works by sealing the skin closed and forming a stable clot until the wound can be surgically repaired. FDA and CE regulatory approvals pending.
Be the first to learn about the ITClamp
True Confessions of an EMT Student
Becoming an EMT: Moving patients
by Stephanie Limmer, EMS1 Columnist
Lifting and moving patients skills was fun! We finally got to our first skills night — a chance to get our butts out of the auditorium style seating and practice with equipment. In explaining the skills practice and the skill testing for the Registry, my instructor said this: 10% luck
Reinventing the Backboard to Reduce Injuries for EMTs
Don't end your career due to a back injury! The EZ Lift Rescue System improves the backboard, keeping all of the time-tested benefits of the traditional backboard while solving the lift problem.
Reduce injuries and save careers!
EMS1 Exclusive
Treatment and management
It never hurts to remember the basics when it comes to the treatment of the emergent patient. Watch the video
EMS1 Video
Married medics
A couple explains what it's like to be on the frontlines together in Afghanistan.
First IV attempt
This man records his classmate's first attempt at an IV...on himself.
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Need Help with Your Organization's Performance Reviews and HR Paperwork?
GoalSpan helps public safety organizations focus on serving the public, rather than the administrative burdens that come with managing HR compliance. GoalSpan improves compliance for EMS organizations by capturing electronic signatures for key documents, including policies and procedures, training documents and handbooks.
Save yourself time and stress
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NAEMT to Lead Work on Passage of Field EMS Bill
[National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians]
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Innovation Zone: EMS exam preparation
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