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True confessions: Learning to save lives
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News Spotlight
Newtown cops recount horrific shooting scene for first time
 The stories of those first on the scene at the killings of 20 students in Connecticut in December reveal the deep stress that lingers. They found two women first, their bodies lying on the lobby floor. This was real. But nothing could prepare them for what they found next, inside two classrooms. ''One look, and your life was absolutely changed,'' said Michael McGowan, one of the first police officers to arrive at Sandy Hook Elementary School. "I just lost it right there"
Featured News
Famed surgeon reattaches firefighter's arm after crash
Thanks in part to rescue workers who quickly packed the arm in ice and to a renowned surgeon, Lt. Ryan Emmons' may regain use of the arm that had been severed at the elbow during an apparatus accident. Life-saving surgery
Today's Top Stories:
Storms move east, keep emergency responders busy: Responders made several water rescues as flooding set in
Ambulance, truck totaled by falling tree in Mass.: Ambulance had stopped for a red light, was struck by tree
 Driver, 93, killed in collision with ambulance
 New computer game helps families prepare for disasters
 8 PSU students charged in cheerleader fall
 Wyo. kids go to hospital after eating veggies
News Analysis:
This job can take its toll
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editor in Chief
The stereotype of the coffee guzzling, energy drinking adrenalin junkie EMS provider who perform heroic actions every shift is constantly reinforced by fictional television shows ad nauseum. It hides the fact that our folks are just like everyone else in the community — hard working, dedicated and wanting to help out when duty calls. It also diminishes the personal toll we can take when performing our jobs. We are, after all, human
Grant Assistance for Video Systems Makes Safety & Liability Protection Even More Priceless
Receive free help finding and/or getting grants for mobile video systems with up to 8 cameras which can be individually triggered by different sensors, powerful reporting software and no monthly fees. Event Recorders are established tools to improve safety while decreasing vehicle, insurance and legal costs.
Get Video System Grant Help Now!
True Confessions of an EMT Student
True confessions: My first day at EMT class
By Stephanie Limmer, EMS1 Columnist
Most of us can remember our first day in EMT school, saddled with the same tonnage of books and the sense of awesome responsibility of learning life saving techniques using equipment that looked so foreign and daunting. You are not alone
Do More With Less--Organize Your Agency
Although "schedule" is in our name, EMS eSchedule is so much more. Our custom online software will organize your agency. We'll take care of scheduling, managing your time clock, tracking your members' certifications and fleet maintenance. We even have custom online forms you can use for things like rig check sheets. Give us a shout and gain access to a FREE DEMO!
Learn More
EMS1 Exclusive
Getting back in service
 Once we've completed our call, what's the best way to get ourselves back in service to best take care of our system? Chris Cebollero offers some ideas. Watch the video
EMS1 Video
Killer storms, tornadoes hit South, Midwest
The storms were part of a huge, violent system that continued to rake the southern US.
Stethoscope Basics for the EMT
This video provides some basic tips for stethoscope use of the EMT.
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When the Pressure's On, Rethink Hemorrhage Control
The ITClamp is the new solution to severe hemorrhage - a leading cause of death in traumatic injury - by controlling bleeding in seconds. The device works by sealing the skin closed and forming a stable clot until the wound can be surgically repaired. FDA and CE regulatory approvals pending.
Learn about the ITClamp when it becomes available
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