New marijuana laws: Just say no ; How to build patient rapports ;
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New marijuana laws: Just say no
How to build patient rapports
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News Spotlight
Off-duty EMT sued for not helping man he killed in hit-and-run
The family of an Ill. man killed in a hit-and-run last month is suing the driver, an off-duty EMT, for striking the man and not helping him. Richard Bougan filed a lawsuit Tuesday saying his brother Ronald, 53, was hit by Kristian Hernandez, 36, while he was walking near the entrance of a forest preserve. Suit claims he was speeding
Featured News
Photographer dies after falling into chimney
A photographer trying to take pictures atop a Michigan Avenue hotel in Chicago died Thursday morning after falling into a smokestack. He was still conscious while firefighters tried to reach him. (Image CBS 2) Trapped for 3 hours
Today's Top Stories:
Medics, officers help save abandoned newborn's life: The woman apparently gave birth on the street and ran off
Medic accused of stealing $20k watch from patient: Responders admit removing watch, but claim to have returned it to the family
 Ore. mall shooting was 'killing of total strangers'
 Woman gives birth 1,000 feet in the air
 Man dies after dancing to 'Gangnam Style'
 LAFD: more technology will speed response times
News Analysis:
Why we need more AEDs in police cruisers
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
AEDs in police vehicles are not a new concept, and there are many studies and stories to show their benefit. While there may have been resistance at first, law enforcement leaders have come to realize their vital role in cardiac resuscitation. Their ability to respond quickly, begin CPR and deploy an AED will shave minutes off a "standalone" EMS response, improving the chances of a successful countershock. "Just in time"
The Legal Guardian
New marijuana laws: Why medics should just say no
By David Givot, EMS1 Columnist
Marijuana is legal in two states now. While I don't believe that there will be a rise in impaired drivers, there is another issue: EMS providers who use marijuana legally, but test positive days or even weeks later in violation of department policies. Complicated laws
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EMS1 Exclusive
How to build patient rapports
 One of the most important things we do with patients is building up a rapport as quickly as possible so we can provide better care. Watch the video
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EMS1 Exclusive
Holiday stories: What Marvin taught me about Santa
By Will Wyatt, EMS1 Contributor
By all accounts Marvin hadn't had a good day. He had lost a brother, his sister had been tortured and seriously burned and his mother was in handcuffs. But through it all Marvin still believed. I stood there speechless
EMS1 Video
"Call Me Maybe" parody
Medics pass time between calls lip-syncing to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." And that's a trainee in the back, not a patient!
Medic wig gag
A fake paramedic pranks bystanders by asking them to help a downed biker by removing his helmet...only to find his hair is attached to it.
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