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How to prevent a crisis in EMS
Video: Equipment readiness in EMS
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News Spotlight
Medic chases drunk driver who sped off with kids
A paramedic gave chase to an allegedly drunk man after he drove off with two young children inside his car. Shawn J. Buterakos, 39, is charged with third-degree fleeing and eluding and operating under the influence of liquor with minors in the vehicle. The paramedic reportedly found Buterakos sleeping with two young children aged 1 and 3 in the back seat. When the paramedic woke Buterakos up, he immediately stepped on the gas pedal and drove off. Chased for about a mile
Featured News
Man steals ambulance, prompts high-speed chase
An ambulance was left dented and scratched following a joy ride across two states. It all started at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford, Del. "He takes a U-turn and heads back down Route 50 eastbound. The pursuit continues and the vehicle then travels over the grassy median and into oncoming traffic," said MSP 1st Sgt. Robert Connolly. (Image WBOC) High-speed chase
Today's Top Stories:
LAFD chief blames city council for slow response times: Chief Brian Cummings blame budget cuts for response times
Trooper accused of stealing money from dying patient: Officer allegedly took money from crash victim's pocket and said it was "evidence"
 Medics refuse to take swine flu victim to hospital 3 times
 Fla. officials may release gene-altered mosquitoes to fight dengue
 Paramedic suggests crying patient was 'lying' about injury
 Firefighter/EMT hails cop, arrested for drug possession
News Analysis:
3 lessons: When frequent flyers aren't liars
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
I don't know of a single EMS provider who doesn't have a tale of a "frequent flyer" patient. Back in the day we called them "million dollar" patients, because we transported them often. One person was transported four or five times in a single 24 hour period — pretty much calling for an ambulance the moment he was discharged from the emergency department and got back to his apartment. It's terribly frustrating. But don't take it personally
EMS Safety Net
How to prevent a crisis in EMS
By Jim Love, EMS1 Columnist
When we as an industry discuss and debate the best way to reduce intersection collisions, to reduce the number of lifting-related injuries, medication errors and esophageal intubations, consider the choices we make. Challenges we face
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Equipment readiness in EMS
 We never really know what calls we're going to get in EMS — so it's vital to make sure that all of our equipment is ready to go. Watch the video
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Capnography in EMS: Another vital sign?
By James J. Augustine, EMS1 Contributor
Capnography has become an essential tool for the treatment and safety of the most critical emergency patients. It is an ideal time to implement these monitors to improve the decision-making capabilities of emergency providers. 3 processes
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EMS1 Video
Speedy ambulance
A Taiwanese ambulance arrives on the scene of a crash FOUR seconds after it occurs.
Runaway paramedic
A prankster pretends to be a medic with a patient and asks bystanders to assist...until he hops in the ambulance and drives off, leaving the patient there alone.
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