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Why EMT instructors need to step up
Top 5 EMS videos of November
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News Spotlight
Woman inspired by EMTs who saved her brother's life to serve
A Boston woman says she was inspired to become a Boston EMT because of the ones that saved her brother's life. Taishana Lewis' younger brother was shot five times in a drive-by shooting in June 2009. After being shot, he was dragged down the street by the car. It was thanks to arriving EMTs that he survived. Read More
Featured News
Man who 'booted' ambulance fired, cited
A convenience store worker who booted an ambulance while crews were inside the store tending to a patient has been cited and fired. (Image 4WWL) Said he didn't realize
Today's Top Stories:
Controversial DC medic deployment plan on hold: Proposal would leave ambulances staffed with no paramedics during the overnight hours
Video: News anchors report 'Chicago Fire' plane crash as real: Gave a blow by blow of the "accident" during a live news report
 Austin medic killed in head-on collision
 2 officers save colleague after heart attack
 3 FFs injured when 2 cars plow into crash scene
 42 students hospitalized with potential CO poisoning
News Analysis:
Why DC's leadership is short-sighted
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
All of the publicity about the nation's capital's controversial plan to reduce ALS coverage at night is indicative of the complex nature of system status management. As the article points out, there are numerous factors beyond just volume to look at when making critical decisions about staffing levels. One could assume that they were all taken into account...of course, most of us know what that can mean sometimes though. Critical analysis needed
EMS education: Why EMT instructors need to step up
By Mike Ward, EMS1 Columnist
Having a teenaged male student play-act as an 82-year-old female with chest pain is a scene students gain little value from. Try seeking out a public clinic that sees a lot of patients; a dozen patient assessments will provide a rich reinforcement of the learning objectives. 4 components
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EMS1 Exclusive
Top 5 EMS videos of November
 A doctor is involved in a high-speed collision and an SUV strikes a fire truck during a live traffic report in this month's top EMS videos. Watch the videos
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EMS1 Video
TV host sets magician's head on fire
It is unclear why the host put a highly flammable liquid on the man's head.
Deer rescued from the sea
A deer is found drifting in the sea during an outrigger program in Hawaii. Lifeguards come to its rescue.
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